Architecture is always a collaboration. Throughout the past forty years I have worked with many dedicated and talented people within the firm to produce the work shown here.

Among them is Lisa Joyce, my partner for a decade in Davis & Joyce Architects. Lisa and many on the list below were students of mine at the University of California at Berkeley, so my association with them is long-standing. Many have gone on to create their own firms and in some cases we continue to work together in joint ventures.

Sam Davis

Mark Quattrocchi
Chuck Drulis
Kevin Kodama
Carolyn Greis
Jerome Olander
Stan Vistica
Andrea Willett
Emily Harris
Antonio Robles
Lynn Simon



Sam Davis Architecture has purposefully remained a small firm. This allows us to focus attention on each project and every client has the full involvement of the principal. It has also provided the flexibility and opportunity to join with other firms creating teams with specific skills and resources to best meet a project's demands. In some cases the collaboration has been between another firm of similar size, in others between our firm and a larger organization.

Below are the firms with which we have had successful collaborations.

MBT (San Francisco)
Marquis Associates (San Francisco)
Ripley Associates (Napa)
Van Meter Williams Pollack (San Francisco)
Fred Karren Architect (San Francisco)
ELS (Berkeley)
Glass Associates (San Francisco)
Fisher/Friedman (Emeryville)
Quattrocchi/Kwok (Santa Rosa)
Appleton Associates (Santa Monica)
Christiani/Johnson (San Francisco)
Cynthia Easton Architects (Sacramento)
Friedman/Brueggemeyer (Berkeley)


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